Sophisticated geometric mural in Barrio Aranjuez

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Sarchi, Alejuela   Mural on new  addition softens the look as you drive into the property.

Faux stone and mural in Santa Ana residence,

faux stone and  trompe-l’oeil windows  Restaurant in Tambor, Puntarenas

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Public library in Frost Proof, Florida

Casa meta San Jose de Montana de Heredia


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photo 2
Bodega for JUNGLE BREW cerveza in Pejibaye district




CLIC here for  many more fotos in my mural gallery

Garden at “Tigers Den” in Escazu. Mural depicting

countryside and farms.

this kitchen needed a view

faux finishes of bright reds and oranges make the ordinary shelves magical.
works im progress at the Moravia studio
simple vine to bring attention and. Soften an entrance
night seaside mural
faux finish in bright reds and oranges in the shelve spaces creates a very strong impression

Scott’s walking tours – San Jose, Costa Rica

Welcome to San Jose.   I am Scott. I want you to feel less of a tourist and more like a local. 
    I live in San Jose by choice. I love all the urban chaos and interesting people and places. The fresh, cool weather to me is a BIG PLUS!
My tour is NOT a dates, names and facts filled tour. I will share my incites on what makes San Jose  and it’s people thrive. The quirky, silly and interesting things you need to know that will not be in History books. Take advantage of my local knowledge of places and experiences that so many people miss completely.
  San Jose has made large strides in improving itself and creating a more people friendly environment. It still has a bad reputation as the uuughhhhh place to avoid if possible. Unless you bother to look around outside of the bus station or get out of your car, it can seem like a place that is not very inviting. Traffic is always bad and I  also hate to drive in the chaos. The city has created a network of pedestrian boulevards. These are amazing and still expanding giving traffic free zones to enjoy. The quiet neighborhoods are unique and the residents are friendly.  The city parks are amazing and the flowers and plants. I have explored all the corners good and bad. I know where you do need to avoid and the places you do not want to miss. The thing I hear the most is, ” I had no idea this was here!”  If you are considering moving here to Costa Rica, I  am a permanent resident here. I can answer many questions while on the tour.  También tenemos tour disponible en español con Fabian.

$35- individual $25- 2 or more persons $20- 5 or more persons


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FOOD Tour – Experience Costa Ricas delicious edible offerings

If possible ,we can visit an open air neighborhood farmers market. A great way to see how the locals shop and the exotic things their are to choose from. Tasting as we walk. Depending on the day determines the location. Mercado central and Mercado Borbón are amazing too wander through if it rains. So many fruits and unusual things to taste. the downtown mercados are huge local venues in the thick of the busy city and indoors to escape the rain. The tour offers an optional $10 meal at one of the better Sodas (Costa Rica Diner).  Simple and delicious.


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San José – Barrio tours

This is a broad tour of my favorite places in San Jose. You can request places to tailor your needs as well. Suggested times 7 am to 10 am or 11 – 2 pm $25. per person $35 solo (Resident discount available) Times are not set in stone.


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Slow down… Stop and smell the Roses

So many surprises await hidden among the jumble of buildings. Entire gardens to tiny patches with flowers. Even the cracks in the sidewalks will offer up a place for something to bloom. The perfect tropical and cool climate allows amazing flowers to bloom here.


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Expat tours

Too many expats are terrified or disgusted with San Jose. I offer a walk through of Key Areas for expat needs. I suggest leaving the car at home. Taking Bus where I can meet. Walking and UBE. Join me and experience the best of San Jose. Enjoy the San Jose you THINK you hate!


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Phonography tour

  Less walking and more time taking fotos enjoying photogenic locations. If you have questions about working with your phone. I will try to be helpful. I can recommend apps also that will make your fotos come alive. $25 per person. $35 solo. I except PayPal.
No time clock, but usually a couple hours. And of course using an actual camera is OK as well.


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Tuti Fruti – Rainbow flavored tour

$25 per person $35 solo

Tuti Fruti – Rainbow flavored tour           This can be what you want. Basically visit noteworthy venues while getting a city tour. Have a picnic in a cruisy park, whatever.

This is a stroll through the neighborhoods with the Gay venues. It can be informative for anyone curious about the locations and history of some well known as well as historic gay places. Pointing out the locations of Saunas and other not so well marked spots.

Walking through some pretty and cruisy parks and taking time to smell the Roses. Maybe relax with a picnic . It is a nice way to meet some friendly locals. We also can stop into a few places for a visit and a cocktail. Some of the venues are in less than picture perfect locations. You can feel safe you have not wandered off into a place you are not sure about. If you choose to return late in the night you will have the advantage of knowing just where you are.

Costa Rica is generally a safe country. Petty theft and pick pockets are something to be aware of in touristy areas and at night. San Jose is a normal city. Be safe as you would in any city around the world. I have lived in San Jose many years and am familiar with all areas. I am comfortable walking everywhere. There are some areas at night I prefer to take a taxi. or UBER.

The gay pride parade is big event and brings out the crowds. The day everyone struts their stuff.
In general I feel San Jose is an open minded place. I see young gay couples holding hands without raising an eyebrow. The transvestites working the parks at night are very friendly. The locals take them in stride. I personally feel the need to be extra careful with my wallet.
A NIGHT TOUR is also available . A similar tour in a different light. The evenings brings out the colorful creatures of the night. A few stops in smaller neighborhood gay bars and at the end, part ways at an all night club.
We are open to your wishes as to what you are looking for in a tour. It can be tailored to your needs. Good conversations are part of the tour and make it fun for all. $25 per person $35 solo


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Mi casa es tu casa –  privat room andbath- Barrio Chino  airbnb

Guaranteed to be a noisy experience. We are on the train line with many buses as well. Occasionally I get people who need a place to crash with privacy because they missed the bus or whatever… Maybe don’t like Hostels. Well this alternative occasionally requires earplugs and an open mind. It is always 4:20 somewhere.   Price is currently updated on airbnb. Now 5 rooms available

1 – original

2 – Green Room

3 -Maids Quarters

4 – full bed with twin

5 – twin with hammock




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