Scott K Wimer – Barrio La Soledad , San Jose, Costa Rica

Esquina Avenida 12 y Calle 13 –  Barrio Chino         506 8 305 1607


Born in Valparaiso, Indiana, Scott was raised  on a farm with animals ,gardens and the sure sense he will wander away into the world beyond what he knows… beginning his journey the day after graduating from Kouts High School. Moving to Honolulu to pursue his life as an artist.  Before settling in  Costa Rica he spent years living and working as an artist and fashion photographer in Chicago, San Francisco, Orlando, Paris, Milano, and Sydney.

  Working on the farm was the beginning of his love for nature and  his appreciation for the simple things that are so important. Seeing beauty in simplicity. Understanding the importance of relationships with nature, people and the direct effect it has on quality of life.t to happiness.
From 9/3/13

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